Mara Facile

Other Artwork Media: including fabric, yarn, acrylic painting and various printmaking processes.

All work is available as an original artwork, a print, or in a small blank greeting-card format.


Selected Other Media Work


Golden Strawberry, 2022 (Acrylic on Canvas)

 En Memoria, 2023 (Acrylic on Canvas)

Golden Fllowers, 2022 (Acrylic on Canvas)

Wander through the Autumn, 2018 (Yarn on Fabric)

By the Pond, 2019 (Print and Acrylic on Polyurethane)

Wander through the Spring, 2018 (Yarn on Brocade)

City on the Hill, (Wax and Acrylic)

Gentleman Skesis, 2019 (Wax and Acrylic)

Lady Skesis, 2018 (Wax and Acrylic)

Metalic Explorations, (Marker on on Paper)

Celtic Knots, 2918 (Print on Paper)

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